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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


                    In 1946, a small group, inspired by founder Harold O. Basden, formed the Greater New York Bridge Council, a federation of active American Bridge Association chartered clubs in the New York metropolitan area.  The Council, comprised of both experienced and younger players, enthusiastically worked to develop an organization to promote better tournament techniques, more skillful play and to encourage enhanced club and individual relationships.  The original four clubs—Good Neighbor, Henry C. Parker, Tri State and Twilight—were soon joined by the Coronets, Knaves, Metros and North Jersey. 

            In 1954, the Council formed the Metropolitan Bridge Unit (“MBU”). Daisy Hamer, MBU’s first President, guided the organization through its formative period. Her term was completed by Benjamin Foster, who was succeeded by Judge Kenneth Shorter.  Judge Shorter’s unexpired term was completed by Benjamin Foster, who thereafter served in his own right.  In 1959, Jerome Primm, MBU’s fifth President, spearheaded the MBU Building Fund.  The Community Bridge Home, established in 1994 in Cambria Heights, New York, is headquarters for the MBU.  Open daily for Bridge games and lessons, the Bridge Home is the regular meeting place for four clubs (Bayview, Cosmopolitan, Jet Setter and Springfield). 

          Today, the MBU is led by President Lynda Straker and her committed team of officers and committee chairs who are dedicated to raising the bar for Bridge play in the American Bridge Association. 


Thank you to our past Presidents for their dedication and leadership. 

Daisy Hamer

1954 - 1955

Kenneth Shorter

1956 - 1957

Benjamin Foster

1958 - 1959

Clifton DuBois

1960 - 1961

Jerome Primm

1962 - 1963

1966 - 1969

Lewis Dennis

1964 - 1965

Joseph Steber

1970 - 1971

John Wilson

1972 - 1973

Kenneth Cox

1974 - 1975

Renald Richards

1976 - 1977

Connie Gould

1978 - 1981

Herman Huff

1982 - 1987

Henrietta Percell

1988 - 1991

John Gipson

1992 - 1995

Cawley Arrington

1996 - 1999

Jane Harris

2000 - 2001

Edna Boothe

2002 - 2006

George Hudson

2006 - 2008

Allen Morton


Minnie Hagans

2010 - 2013

Cheryll Jones

2014 - 2017

Lynda Straker

2018 - 2022